About us

Who we are

Hagay Shalev, Biton Law Offices (HSB) is a commercial boutique law firm with many years’ experience and reputation. HSB was founded and managed by the most senior, experienced and professional attorneys in Israel.

HSB handles a wide range of commercial law fields, primarily commercial litigation, transactions (infrastructure and construction projects; entrepreneurship; M&As; etc.) and ongoing and comprehensive support for companies (further details can be found under “Areas of Activity”). Over the years, HSB has handled a broad spectrum of top-notch clients, in Israel and abroad – from publicly traded and private companies, banking corporations, venture capital funds and cooperative societies, to startups in the initiation and establishment stages.

What we promise you

Personal involvement. Creativity. Efficiency. Dedication. Results.

Personal involvement and relations

We value the trust a client gives us when entrusting to us his most significant and sensitive matters, and do everything possible to justify such trust – in both the professional and personal aspects. Our interpersonal relations with each client are strong and warm, and are characterized by close attention, sensitivity and consideration of his character and needs, and by a direct, sincere, open and humble approach. Every client, throughout our entire joint relations, enjoys a close “hand-in-hand” escort of HSB’ partners, led by Adv. Shalev and Adv. Biton, and their personal “hands-on” involvement in handling his matters, accompanied by the firm’s team. The partners are committed to providing the client with services with the highest level of quality, professionalism, efficiency and availability, which will suit his individual needs and provide the expected results.

More details on the HSB’s partners team can be found under “The Team”.

Creativity and originality

Thanks to our many years of professionalism and experience, and our unique way of thinking and working, we provide our clients with creative, original, sharp and focused care. We do not settle for “off-the-shelf solutions,” and do not try to adapt the client’s needs to familiar templates or existing documents. We take pride in our ability to diagnose each client’s special needs and create for him unique solutions to achieve his goals.

As part of our matchless approach, we have embraced Leonardo da Vinci’s statement that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. In both the litigation and transactions fields, we make sure to simplify complexities, identify the most important issues and deal only with them (and not with less important matters), and draft documents in a short, concise, simple and clear manner. In doing so, we ensure that the desired message will be conveyed to the court or the other party in the transaction, and that the documents will be also accessible and clear to the client.


We take pride in our ability to provide every client with the optimal results in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. This is possible thanks to the many years of professionalism, experience and skill of the partners team, and our meticulousness in focusing on the important issues, simplifying complexities and the formulating documents and a short and concise manner.

Devotion, determination and integrity

We act resolutely tirelessly, with the utmost dedication and availability to our clients. No task is too difficult for us, and every client is important to us. Thanks to our determination, professionalism and creativity, we find a solution for every difficulty, and accompany the client through every challenge. This is done with uncompromising adherence to transparency, integrity, credibility and moral values ​​as lawyers and as human beings.