Banking and Financing

The firm has many years of expertise and reputation in handling diverse, complex and sometimes complicated financing and banking transactions, including aspects of creating collateral and issuance of securities to the financing body (among others convertible securities, such as warrants and convertible notes). Among others, our firm has many years of experience in accompanying a large bank in many financing transactions, including transactions of the Start-Up Financing Unit. Such transactions include, among others:

  • Providing bank financing to high-tech companies
  • Transactions to finance acquisition of control in public and other companies
  • Establishment of an Internet bank
  • Establishing an Internet insurance company
  • co-lending and inter-creditor agreements
  • Debt Financing (AR Financing)
  • Transactions to finance engineering-industrial projects, including financing under inter-state cooperation treaties and transactions involving foreign trade risk insurance companies
  • Representing clients in financing transactions vis-à-vis banking corporations and financing bodies, in Israel and abroad
  • Transactions concerning securities and derivatives
  • Transactions related to operational leasing of industrial equipment
  • Financing transactions of governmental funds and funds guaranteed by the state
  • Transactions to supplement equity for construction projects
  • Loans extended by manufacturers to their customers to finance the purchase of equipment intended for production for those customers
  • Transactions for finance companies through/assisted by shareholders


Our firm has expertise in handling all aspects related to financing transactions after they are signed, among them: Dealing with repayment difficulties and insolvency, including repayment arrangement and sale of debts; Handling disputes and litigation concerning companies in difficulties and insolvent companies (including liquidation proceedings, receivership, etc.) – see also under “Litigation”.