The firm manages on a regular basis large-scale litigation in all the fields of commercial, business and administrative law (including abroad) and in all the judicial tribunals including arbitration. Among others, the firm has vast experience and expertise in conducting litigation in the following fields:

  • Litigation concerning companies and securities, the capital market and shareholders disputes;
  • Litigation with respect to contracts, transactions and industry: Including business disputes with customers, suppliers and partners;
  • Arbitration in Israel and abroad;
  • Class action lawsuits (the firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants), and among others: representing tourism, media, real estate, industry and food companies (private and public) in class actions filled against them; representing plaintiffs in their class actions in connection with securities and consumer laws (for example, representing the plaintiffs in the class action against the insurance company La-National and others; representing defendants in several class actions against them filed by consumers; representing plaintiffs in several class actions against foreign airline companies);
  • Disputes concerning technological projects and transactions, semi-conductor, infra-structure and “smart industry” projects;
  • Representing companies and office holders in derivative claims;
  • Real estate litigation, including: disputes among partners in real estate projects in Israel and abroad; disputes concerning building quality; disputes related to commercial lease; etc.;
  • Litigation with respect to financing and securities transactions;
  • Administrative law
  • Handling (including for a leading bank) litigation concerning insolvency and companies facing difficult financial situation, including in receivership, liquidation creditors arrangements and similar proceedings. Among others, attorneys from the firm were appointed as Officers of the Court and acted successfully in gathering, protecting and realizing companies’ assets (including IP);
  • Labor law;
  • Petitions to the High Court of Justice, etc.