The firm specialize in providing comprehensive legal services for large-scale projects in Israel and abroad. Such services cover all the aspects of the projects, including:

  • Agreements with the client, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, advisors, etc.
  • Managing the tender proceedings, including preparing requests for proposals/information (RFP/RFQ) and managing the process of electing the winning bid;
  • Transactions for the financing of the project;
  • Handling insurance aspects;
  • Employees;
  • Handling proceedings vis-à-vis authorities, including customs, obtain working permits for foreign experts, etc.;
  • Conducting litigation concerning projects; etc.


Below are some projects, each in a scope of hundreds of millions of US$, with respect to which the firm has provided legal services in the last years:

  • Projects for the construction of the leading semi-conductor fabrication facilities in Israel;
  • A project for the installation and set-up of cooling towers in one of the biggest dairies in Israel;
  • Construction/Refurbishment of power plants abroad;
  • Construction of a factory for manufacturing railway wagons abroad;
  • Construction of an optical fibers factory abroad;
  • Construction of facilities in an Israeli air-force basis (for the US army);
  • Solar power projects;
  • Reconstruction of a refinery in Ashdod;
  • Construction of a natural gas power plant in Mishor Rotem;
  • Construction of pumped-storage hydroelectricity power plants in Manara and Gilboa;
  • Construction of a natural gas power plant in the Dead Sea Works;
  • Projects in the water field; etc.